Web Design Trends: The Ultimate Guide

Is your website design feeling a bit bland and outdated? Time for a neo-brutalistic memphis revolution! This is our ultimate guide to website design trends, updated regularly. With our top design trends (including web design trends 2022) you can finally add some creative scrolling experiences or visible borders to your website that’ll make your content stand out.

Influential Website Design Trends

  • Memphis design
  • Typographic hero image
  • Visible borders
  • Retro revolution
  • Engaging interactives
  • Neo brutalism
  • Moving type
  • Creative scrolling experiences
  • Animated Product Reveals
  • Immersive 3D Worlds

Website Design Trend #1: Memphis Design

Today we are looking at website trends, this one is called “Memphis Design“. This website design trend is characterized by its use of vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and bold patterns. This style is often associated with the Memphis Group, a group of Italian designers who were active in the 1980s.

This first example is of a website that uses a 3d image of a man with text and some shapes in the memphis design style.

Memphis Design website example

The second example is from the Cartoon Network website. This website uses contrast and animated shapes in their design style.

These examples from the Cartoon Network website for “internships” and “our studio” shows more pages on their website that use Memphis Design. They have clever blocks of color and shapes to compliment the design.

Lastly, this example is of a template for WordPress that has many options of design in the iconic style.

While the Memphis Group is no longer active, their influence can still be seen in many modern designs. This trend is particularly popular in web design, as it can be used to create a fun and energetic website.

Web Design Trends #2: Typographic Hero Image

Make a big impact to the reader with text that is eye-catching and simple. Any website can take advantage of this technique. In this design trend, the typography is very important for the reader as you want it to be legible and stylish at the same time. Try this design in your next project!

Web Design Trend #3: Retro Design Revolution

Bring nestalgia back and create a retro website with a modern feel. Retro web design is unique because of the use of blocky design and retro colour scheme. These websites also use serif font and bold lines. This design can also include handwriting script and block stencil font depending on the desired look.

#4: Visible Borders

Borders are a great way to make elements on your web page stand out. They can help highlight important content, draw attention to calls to action, and overall just make your web page look more polished and professional.

Ways you can use borders in your web design:

  • Adding a border around your entire web page
  • Adding borders around specific elements on your web page (e.g., images, call to action buttons, etc.)
  • Using different colors for your borders
  • Varying the width of your borders

Experiment with different border styles to see what works best for your web page. And don’t be afraid to get creative!

#5: Engaging Interactives

Web design trends are all about making the user experience more engaging, enjoyable and memorable. Over time, websites have become more and more interactive. One way to do this is by adding interactive elements to your website. This could be anything from a simple quiz or poll, to a more complex game or animation.

Interactive elements are a great way to add excitement and interest to your website. They can also help to increase the amount of time that users spend on your site, as well as providing valuable data about your audience.

#6: Neo-Brutalism

Our next website trend that we are highlighting is Neo-Brutalism. Neo-Brutalism style website design is a trend that’s taking the web by storm. It takes inspiration from Brutalist architecture, adding modern twists and creating a bold, eye-catching aesthetic . It’s often associated with minimalism, but don’t be fooled – it’s anything but boring. With a focus on contrast and texture, neo-brutalist websites are sure to make an impression. If you’re looking for something that stands out from the crowd and grabs viewers’ attention, this is your style! So if you want to be daring with your web design, neo-brutalism is the way to go. Let’s break down the walls and get creative! Bring on the neo-brutalism!

#7: Moving Type

Moving type is another interesting type of web design trends. It adds a dynamic element to the page and makes it look alive. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it! Moving type keeps users engaged on the page and can be an effective way to highlight important content. You can use it to draw attention to call-to-action buttons (CTA), highlight key features or direct visitors to specific pages. Just make sure your moving type is easy to read, doesn’t distract from other content, and doesn’t move too quickly. So with the right setting, moving type can give your website a unique and modern look.

#8: Creative Scrolling Experiences

Creative website design is no longer a trend; it’s a necessity. With this web trend, website designers create unique scrolling experiences that will keep their visitors engaged. Whether you’re trying to capture the attention of potential customers or give your existing audience a newfound appreciation for web design, creative scrolling can be an invaluable tool in achieving those goals. Plus, the best part about creative scrolling is that it can be tailored to fit any web design style. So no matter how you want to present your website, you don’t have to worry about compromising on creativity! Whether your web design goals are big or small, adding a creative edge with scrolling will always be sure to make an impact. Lastly, get creative and start scrolling!

#9: Animated Product Reveals

Animated product reveals are a great way to show off a new product and give your users an innovative experience. Showcase your product in a trendy and eye catching manner with smooth animations. With the help of web animations, you can create stunning visuals that draw in your users and keep them engaged. Animated product reveals are also a great way to demonstrate the features and capabilities of your product. Animate key points about your product and draw people in with interactive visuals. These animations can also be used to give users a preview of what their experience will be like when using your product. By utilizing web animations with your latest product reveals, you can give your users an entertaining and memorable experience.

#10: Immersive 3D Worlds

Explore a whole new planet on the web with immersive 3D world web design. This trend is becoming increasingly popular and provides an interactive experience like no other. Create unique 3D environments in your browser so that users can explore as if they were really there. This can be an effective way to capture the attention of viewers and increase engagement. Immersive 3D world web design can also be used to showcase products or services in a unique way. Give your users an unforgettable experience and make them feel like they’re inside the world of your product or service.

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