How Memphis Design Made the 1980s Colorful

Memphis design is a unique and interesting style that originated in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. This design style makes use of bright colors, geometric patterns, and bold prints. While it may seem like a chaotic jumble at first glance, there is actually a lot of thought and method behind this style of design. If you’re interested in learning more about this style of design, read on for a closer look at its history and key features.

Memphis design is all about breaking the rules and being different

The Memphis design movement was all about making waves and thinking outside the box. Firstly, it brought its own set of rules, bucking the conventions of traditional aesthetics to give us something truly extraordinary. At this time, art emulates nature. This style of art does not. It instead opted for bright, bold colours, geometrical shapes and a signature juxtaposition of timelessness and modernity. It was one of those unique movements that dared people to be different and proved that you don’t have to follow the same path as everyone else to make something beautiful.

The use of bright colors and patterns was a hallmark of Memphis design

The memphis design movement was unmistakable for its bold use of bright colors and geometric patterns. Memphis’s goal was to create something new and different in which vibrant colors and unexpected shapes could produce something visually striking.

Memphis design living rooms.
Memphis interior design- Eye-catching and bright.

Often, the textiles clashed into a busy jumble, but the intent was intentional. When used strategically, this color scheme achieved an unprecedented level of visual energy that made this style of design instantly recognizable. No longer were muted tones or neutral palettes acceptable – vivid oranges, pinks and yellows lit up otherwise ordinary pieces to give them a prominence they hadn’t had before. The memphis design movement shifted people’s aesthetic sensibilities and changed the way we view color forever.

Furniture designed to be functional and stylish

Furniture designers throughout history have understood that a furnishing’s purpose is twofold: both practical and aesthetic. Functional pieces are key for a space to be livable and comfortable. The furniture is often complex in design.

Memphis design furniture.
The Memphis Design Movement brought functional interesting designs.

As illustrated by the memphis design movement of the 1980’s, diverse shapes and patterns along with bright colors can also act as focal points in any décor. This stylish and bold revolution seamlessly combined beauty and function, resulting in a truly eye-catching addition to any room. Ultimately, such design movements demonstrate how stylish furniture designs remain timelessly functional.

Memphis design is heavily influenced by Art Deco and Pop Art

Memphis design is the perfect combination of old meets new. It is a retro-futurist style that brings Art Deco and Pop Art together to create something truly unique.

Examples of art deco and pop art.

It’s an art trend that’s come and gone, but it’s still beloved for its bold shapes, vivid colors, and off-the-wall patterns that capture attention like no other design before. It’s the perfect aesthetic for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd with something funky, fun, and free-spirited.

The movement ultimately fell out of favor in the late 1980s

In the late 1980s, a major shift occurred in public opinion that saw the decline of the movement. Many believe the aims of the movement is past. It was time to transition to more modern approaches.

The memphis design movement ultimately fell out of favor in the late 1980s

In addition, several high-profile figures began to distance themselves from the cause due to a variety of reasons. While initial support was strong, a lack of buy-in by many individuals eventually caused the entire effort to run out of steam. Lastly, as time went on, most people moved on to other pursuits, ultimately leaving this once vibrant movement in decline.

Nevertheless, it left a lasting impression on the world of design

Firstly, though it’s no longer in the limelight, the memphis design movement made a lasting imprint on modern culture. Top designers appreciate this style of bold colors and shapes. Who use its principles as a source of inspiration in their work. Showing how color, pattern, and texture can create something truly unique. Most importantly, showing how design should never be confined by strict rules or limitations. This is a lesson that continues to be a guiding principle in the world of design today. Memphis design remains an important milestone in modern history, and its influence will no doubt be felt for years to come.

This type of design is all about breaking rules and being different. The use of bright colors and patterns was a hallmark of this movement. Furniture often designed to be functional as well as stylish. Art Deco and Pop Art, influence this design style. The movement ultimately fell out of favor in the late 1980s. Nevertheless, it left a lasting impression on the world of design. To learn more about this style, check out our other post, “Memphis Design: 5 Things You Need to Know“.

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